About AHIS2021

AHIS2021 will take place on September 17-18, 2021


The aims of AHIS2021 is:

To provide a platform for stakeholders in healthcare innovation to network, exchange knowledge and ideas, and collaborate to bring monumental changes that improve access to quality healthcare and reduce disparities.



Target Audience

All healthcare professionals, leaders, policy makers, inventors, investors, consumers, students and any individual or entity interested in the future of healthcare.







Dr. Jazieh

Director of Innovation and Research, Cincinnati Cancer Advisors, Cincinnati, OH

Editor in Chief, Global Journal on Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Chief Scientific Officer, Innovations Journals,

Cincinnati, OH



Dr. Barrett

Director, University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute

Professor and Chairman, Radiation Oncology,

University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH


Dr. Abdul Jazieh, MD, MPH


Dr. William Barrett, MD






Scientific Committee Member




Dr. Herzog


Deputy Director, University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute


Paul & Carolyn Flory Endowed Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology


University of Cincinnati


Cincinnati, OH



Dr. Kozlakidis


Head, Laboratory and Biobanking IARC, WHO


Ediitor in Chief

Journal of Innovations in Digital Health Diagnostics and Biomarker



Lyon, France



Mr. Schroeder


CEO and Founder

Clinical Trials & Consultants





Covington, KY

 Dr. Thomas Herzog, MD


Dr. Zisis Koladikis


Mr. Timothy Schroeder









AHIS Topics: Call for Speakers

  • Experts from academic institutions, industry, various healthcare organizations and relevant entities are invited to share their experience with our audience  
  • How academic institutions teach and educate future innovators
  • How various organizations nurture and promote innovations
  • Roles of various stakeholders in promoting innovations
  • Surviving innovations: Impact of innovation on workforce
  • Translation of innovation into reality
  • Innovations in research
  • Sharing your experience
  • Best innovations of last year


AHIS2021 Call for Abstracts 

All individuals with research projects or innovations are welcome to submit their abstracts to the meetings.

There will be following Awards:

  • Best Abstract Award for AHIS2021 
  • Best Award for Students Projects 


Abstracts must include projects with potential healthcare application. Topics include, but not limited to:

  • Innovation in healthcare delivery model
  • Innovations to address disparities in healthcare
  • Healthcare finance
  • Communication
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Virtual reality
  • Digital health
  • Personalized medicine
  • Innovation in therapeutics development
  • Innovation in intervention and surgery
  • Innovation in diagnostics
  • Innovation in research


Summit Activities

Didactic presentations

Round Table and Expert Panel Discussion


Presentation of accepted abstracts




Organized By

Innovative Healthcare Institute, Cincinnati, OH


Partners and Collaborators

Cincinnati Cancer Advisors

Innovations Journals

Cincinnati Innovation District






Contact Information

For general information and abstracts related questions